Blue Pages
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“El jar abel el dar”. MEDCO has decided to take this saying to the next level and bring it to life by creating a new community that will take part in “My Medco loyalty App”, a community named Blue Pages. The Blue Pages community helps contributing to the growth of the local economies and the overall welfare of Lebanon by providing a platform where neighbors network and work together to build happier and stronger communities. How? Well, el 7al bel 7ay! Blue Pages will not only make your life easier and better by finding connections around you. It will also allow you to find a job opportunity in one click only, and for FREE. You can search by area to find the closest kahrabje, khiyata, babysitter or nejjar in addition to a variety of other professions. If you want to do a revamping to your house, no need to worry anymore, a list of “m3allmin” is at your disposal. All you need to do is connect with them through the app and set MEDCO’s nearest station as a meeting point before you share the address, helping you save time of waiting. With its 196 stations, MEDCO has always worked in servicing communities around it by introducing always new products and innovations making MEDCO a station not like any other station. A station with a purpose. A purpose of building happier and stronger bonds between people.